Sunday, October 7, 2007

HUGE improvement!

Mike raced his first (and last) tri of the season today at Emerald Pointe. He had a great race. Took about 13 minutes off from same race last year (although his back tire did fall off on the bike last year.) He looked awesome and enjoyed himself. Tough, tough swim from all accounts. No one looked fresh exiting that swim. Not even the leaders. Very crowded....250 in his wave. That's nuts in sprint race. Kevin (Mike's brother) and I and watched the race with Lauren Sanders who was cheering Matt on.....Congrats on an awesome race, Matt! He looked strong out there, too.

Mike finished in about 1:17. Nice work. Proud of you!!!

Back at home cheering on the Red Sox and rooting against the Yankees. Coronas are chilling and pizza is on its way. Nice.

Obviously, I did decide to not race today....good choice although I was wishing I was out there a bit during the race. Debating/contemplating doing the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving. Done that one a couple times before and its a good race....once again, feeling lost without a training plan. Need some focus/goals to keep me motivated. Maybe this will help?


Apollo said...

Congrats to Matt for dropping the smackdown on Apollo. Thanks to Kate, Kevin and Lauren for the support. Apollo needs some serious work on the swim.....absolutely terrifying.

Looking forward to getting back to my strengths of drinking beer and watching the Sox roll over the AL.

Drago said...

I love the guy throwing up on the sign!

Kate Parker said...

Good eyes, Drago. Making that sign had me cracking up. I didn't want to leave out the most important part of a sprint tri.

Drago -- I saw you on the results from last year's Historic Roswell 5k. Are you planning on doing it again this year????

Drago said...

Not this year unfortunately since I'm on temporary retirement. That was my second 5k in the course of an hour last year. I ran the 5k for Dsylexia at Riverside Park at 8:00 and then ran from Riverside to Roswell for the Historic Roswell Race at 9:45. You should try it if they still do the Dyslexia run.