Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Sweep?

Sitting here on the couch watching the Red Sox...again. We're hoping they sweep the Rockies tonight....just so we can get some damn sleep! These games are absurd. Never ending until 12:30 or 1. Nuts. We're too old for these late bedtimes.

Had a great weekend here. Halloween/birthday parties for E all weekend. That kid has a full social schedule. Keeps us out and busy. We've met so many people here in Horseshoe Bend, which is awesome. This place is chock full of kids and families. I love that she gets to grow up here. So nice to know your neighbors.

Had a good luck brunch with Michelle and Eddie today. Michelle is doing IM Florida on Saturday. She is SO ready for this. I can't wait to go down and cheer her (and Kindzia) on...MIke and I are making the trip to PCB on Friday. Should be a lot of fun. Hope the weather cooperates for everyone.

My "back on track"ness was okay this weekend. Eating was more under control than past weekends, but nothing near where it should be. (All these stinking Halloween treats are killing me!). Had the best run in a LONG time this morning. Maybe it was the cool weather? I was grinning from ear to ear singing along to the Foo Fighters and totally loving nice to have those once in a while.

Been really sore the past few days from this.

Mike's been doing it for a while and I finally got around to lifting weights again after IM. Only 20-30 minute workout, but I, literally, thought I was going to pass out at LA Fitness on Friday doing one of them. Sheesh.

Enjoy "Dorothy's" Halloween pictures....they're up per a request from an "unbiased" reader of the blog. NOT Ella's grandma...not at all.


Go Sox said...

Is that kid supposed to look like Dorothy or Gene Wilder from Willy Wonka.....what's with the leapin' fro??

still unbiased said...

Unbiased and impartial. I am sure that most of your readers will agree that Dorothy is a huge improvement over Fenway...
Go Sox!! A sweep - amazing.-