Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over..

I know this.

In my head.

Can someone please tell this to my mouth?

It seems to think that cookies, candy and all that is fattening is still allowed. Ugh. Time to get back on the wagon...again.

Since I am still eating holiday themed mini are some more holiday themed pictures.

My beautiful Alice ("I call her Allie" -Ella)

Ornaments my mom made for Alice and E. I love these, she does them yearly.

My sister, brother in law, Jamie (in his annual, startlingly ugly, not to mention FEMALE holiday sweater) and Molly the dog.

Heading out for a walk post Christmas gorge, with my mom and sister and the girls.

Mike shocked, just shocked, that E won't take a picture with him.


Mimi said...

Allie's eyes are definitely getting bigger (or the cheeks are receding...) and thanks for featuring my craft projects.

JP said...

I love those ornaments! Very cool! BTW - I hear you on the eating... I downed about 5 mini toblerones today. Kind of gross to think about, but they tasted so good going down!

Ed said...

Just some advice from your photographer but I'd typically recommend something other than a storm drain as a location for a family portrait with your sister and brother in law.

Kate Parker said...

Bring Drago back. That Ed guy is super pretentious.

Drago said...

Drago has had very little to motivate him since your husband decided to "retire" from competitive athletics. Ella won't take a picture with him because she doesn't want to be seen with that soft American father of hers.

DC Running Mama said...

I love your posts...they are like blogging haiku.

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