Thursday, December 11, 2008

A run...

and....get this...

A swim!

Yes. Two workouts.

In. one. day.

I am superwoman.

If doing a 5 mile run and a 30 minute swim makes you a superhero.

Nothing amazing in either, but just glad to have found the time, energy and desire for 2 a days.

Have to give proper thanks to Mike who was in the midst of putting two crying, irrational little girls to bed while I was at the pool. Poor guy...was running from one room to the other trying to read to one and literally pacify (with the pacifier) the other who kept spitting it out, then crying.

You rock.

You finish dealing with the girl's craziness to deal head on with mine. :) Our conversation tonight...

(Background -- I want to do a 5k this weekend. The 5k I want to do is at 8am at the Perimeter. We've got reservations to have breakfast with Santa at 8:45 in Alpharetta (20 mins. from the race))

Me -- I can get there in time.

Mike -- (with a large amount of disdain and sarcasm in his voice) Yeah, if you take your helicopter with the shower in it, you can.

1 comment:

Mama Simmons said...

It's good for dads to experience the drama of the kids... everytime Scott gets Moana she's a little angel so he has no idea what it can be like!
Good on ya for both your workouts!