Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas...Eve

10:33pm and I just sat down. Might be for the first time today.

Christmas is sure a lot of work when you're the parents (Thanks, Mom and Frank. I can't even imagine it with 4 kids.)..and seems like even more when you leave most of it until the 24th like me and Mike.

Our to do list today was something like this...

Track Santa on

Sprinkle the lawn with "reindeer food".

Bake cookies and leave milk out for Santa.

Go for a run. (with loads of holiday spirit, of course.)

Antler-ize Alice.

Dress up in a Santa suit.
Jump around in the attic making reindeer landing type noises.
Run outside without being spotted by the 3 year old in bed with mommy.
Wave to 3 year old who screamed, "I LOVE YOU, SANTA!" from the window.
Come back inside and watch 3 year old open up the book that was "early present that Santa only leaves for really good girls and boys" to be told "I wanted Swimmy Doggy" with a sad face.

(I am SOOOO glad we actually have swimmy doggy or someone would be running around ATL tonight trying to find one!)

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. Enjoy!


Mama Simmons said...

Oh that's SO CUTE! For the first time this year I'm starting to imagine just how fun Christmas is going to be when Moana is old enough to understand Santa... have fun tomorrow!!

Alicia Parr said...

You know-- both your girls are gorgeous. Heck, your whole family is gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous.

BUT...I have to's the pictures of Alice with those sweet cheeks, gentle eyes and dark mop of hair that I really look forward to. And antlers! Always good. You done good, Mommy.

Merry Christmas!

JP said...

Merry Christmas Parkers! I am cracking up over the mental image of Mike running around as Santa. Awesome parenting! :-D

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