Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home again

A minivan (my mom's) full of girls made the looong trip home from Naples yesterday.

Myself, my mom, Ella, Alice and Annabelle (the 97 lb. golden retriever) AND all of our stuff made it the 11 hours home. (Mike flew back Monday for work.) Thanks for the ride, Mom!

The girls were awesome. Alice was screaming (happily) and hitting, no, make that, punching the caterpillar that hangs from her car seat most of the day, then napping, then eating.

Ella mostly watched Wall-e on the dvd and every few hours would offer an "I grumpy. I know what make me happy! A treat!" Treat=m&m's in Ella-world.

Annabelle slept. What else is new?

Happy to be home. Not so happy to unpack, put away 13 loads of clean summer clothes from the trip, and finish making bows to decorate mailboxes for charity tonight. Ugh. (My bows suck, by the way.) :)

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