Thursday, February 12, 2009

11 hours

The longest night of sleep I have gotten in as long as I can remember. 11 sweet, sweet hours.

Not terribly hard to log that many hours in bed when you're asleep by 9:15. Not just in bed....asleep.

Yes, Mike and I were OUT before prime time TV was over. (We're crazy nuts, people. Watch out!)

Not to fool you though....Alice is certainly not sleeping that long.

We got to say our hellos at 1:30 and then again at 5.

The reasons behind our winter hibernation?

For me it was the first day of hard two a days, coupled with a 5am wake up call. (Michelle and I did an AM swim and PM mile repeats at the track during a tornado watch --we're so hardcore...or dumb:)

Mike's always in a for an early bedtime. Especially last night since he took the early shift this morning and ran before work. (He's in training for the ING Half Marathon in March, as well.)

It feels strange to be this well rested.
Strangely Awesome.

Some shots of the girls (and my mom and sister) on a walk at Mimi's house on Tuesday. My mom's house is one of E's favorite places to visit. Her dirt road has a ton of horses to see, a creek to throw rocks, and a grandma to spoil her. What else could a 3 year old ask for?

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mimi said...

Tell E that her horsey's real name is Orwell and she has been invited to visit him any time she is at her Mimi's house. Even if the creek is her favite thing...