Monday, February 9, 2009

I can't braid my hair.

Well, I can, but it hurts.

The arms.

Sore. Very sore.



Apparently if you work your muscles hard. They get sore.

And your hairstyle suffers.

Someone get me Ken Paves number, please. Jess can spare him on my hard swim days.

On second thought, poor girl needs her friends around her now. E's gotta learn sometime, right?

Michelle and I met again (yay, us) for our very own Master's session (or so we pretended) at 5:15 at LA Fitness again. My longest (and hardest) post Alice swim yet.

Some shots of our weekend below. The warm weather was awesome and we picnic-ed and park-ed it yesterday with the family.


The Chapples said...

Alice looks so cute in that swing! I was just thinking yesterday that Baker might be a little too small for playground swings, but maybe not!!

Nice job on the swim.

Alicia Parr said...

I was thinking the same thing about Alice in the swing. How big is she now? We have an outdoor swing hand me down and I'm wondering when Remy will be big enough to use it. I guess we need to hang it up first.

Kate Parker said...

she's probably around 18lbs now. I am sure both your big boys are ready, too.

We just plopped her in there this weekend for the first time and she didn't seem to mind...liked the view of her sister mostly.