Monday, February 23, 2009

It went so fast.

Checking the date this morning, I realized that my baby, my infant, my teeny-tiny (heh) Alice is 7 months old.


Feels like...we went into the hospital the other night. And zoom. Here we are today.

So what is Alice up to at 7 months old?

Well, right now, she's napping in her swing in the playroom. Ella is watching "Dora" and mommy is procrastinating making dinner by blogging.

Alice is sitting up pretty well on her own now. I think all of her sicknesses have physically delayed her a bit, but no worries, I am sure she'll catch up. (She has another double ear infection and strep -- all of which we learned on Friday -- my poor kid.)

Alice loves her exersaucer, sitting at the dinner table like a big kid, loves eating "real" food, but definitely prefers what mommy has to offer instead, her "house" as we call it (an infant playgym) --she can lie in there for an hour and check things out, hitting the toys that hang from the "roof. She has recently started "kissing", which just about breaks my heart. It really is just face sucking, but so freaking adorable.

But mostly, Alice loves her sister, her constant entertainer. Ella's sole purpose around Alice is to make her belly laugh. I am forever telling Ella "not so close", "not so hard!", "give her some space!". E loves her sister equally but sometimes a bit too hard.

We are still not getting a full night's sleep, but think we are improving on that front as Alice gets healthier and healthier. Last night was the best in a while with just one wake up at 2:15am (with a feeding). Both girls are going down for the night pretty easily at 7:30 --- which is AWESOME. It is nice to have a few hours kid free at night with Mike.

Some shots of the big baby at 7 months.

After a long, tough, booger, fever and cough-filled week, we are all feeling the effects of our respective antibiotics. Everyone is FINALLY getting better. Back to normal! Michelle and I even met up this AM to swim. I was definitely feeling my week off and some lost fitness, but so happy she was there or I would most like (a) have not even gone or (b) gone. felt like crap. and quit.


DC Running Mama said...

Baby Alice is edible!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

So glad you are all start to feel better. And Alice is one tough little cookie dealing with all of her problems. She is just beautiful. She's going to break some hearts.

Michelle H. said...

Alice is so scrumptious!

And thank you for meeting me!! If you saw how lame my swim workouts were last week....I def. missed you swimming buddy.

Alicia Parr said...

"Kissing"??? Oh my gosh--- SOOOO CUTE! I think I'll cry when Remy learns that important skill. I'm going to chime in with the Alice is SuperCute Crowd. Cuz she IS!

Heather said...

Alice is one adorable baby! Glad you're all feeling better!