Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am home. Alone. On a Saturday night.

Well, not really alone alone. But, both girls are asleep at 7:41 pm. And Mike is at the hockey game. Until 12.

What to do? What to do?

The house to myself for a few hours is so rare I can't remember the last time it happened.

I know a little internet shopping (hello athleta sales items.), a little chocolate chip cookie eating and a little facebook perusing is going to go on...other than that? I am open. Which is SO rare. Love it.

Most likely I am going to fall asleep in the couch by 9. Life in the fast lane. Watch out people, I am on fire.

A 1 am and 6am wakeup call from Ms. Alice along with 9 miles make for a (lame) early night for me. (No, she is not yet sleeping through the night. Bang. Bang. Bang. Yes, that is the sound of Mike and I banging our heads against the wall.)

Alice and my dad today. Alice is scared of the glasses and beard. Cries every time he comes near. Poor Pop pop. This shot is the only one we got without tears.

A (rare) on camera smile from E.


Mama Simmons said...

That sounds like my night last night. It was awesome. Scott was playing soccer and not getting home until 9, moana was asleep by 7:40.... I was in bed reading at 7:45. LOVED IT. Enjoy your night!

Angela said...

I understand completely. My boys are 2.5 and almost 10 months....I having that night tonight too. Tim is playing poker and the boys have been asleep since 6. Not typical but we wore them out today!

Enjoy your evening, I know I'm about to enjoy the tub and some HGTV.

Tom said...

I got home at 11 and the chocolate chip cookies were good.