Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love it.

1. Love this picture of E. I told her to put her hand on her hip and she took direction very well. Like the hair? Pretty big, huh?

2. Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace -- new Foo Fighters album. Came out on Tuesday. Very my first real listen today and already loving it.

3. Halloween Decorating/Parties/Food -- We're going all out this year. I love can be as over the top and cheesy as you want and it looks awesome. Its all about fun and making kids happy and laugh. What a great holiday. Plus, any holiday with candy can't be bad! Mike's dad calls me the "Queen of Halloween". (We got Ella a dog costume this year.)

4. Iphone -- I am seriously, seriously wanting one. They're so cool. "Drago" has one. I heard he likes it. I've played around with one and it only made my craving worse. My sister-in-law and I have worked all the angles with our respective husbands trying to wrangle far, we're both unsuccesful. (Understandable, I really don't need one AT ALL. They are just so freaking cool.)

5. Pure Taqueria -- my hands down favorite restaurant. In, so crowded, try and get there before 7 or you will be waiting an hour...on the street. Well worth it though, the food is so good and the strawberry margaritas even better. Mmmm.

6. Alive After Five -- This is held the last Thursday of the month on Canton Street in Roswell. All the shops/art galleries/restaurants are open....after five. Duh. We went last week and loved it. We met Jill and Jason, Drago and Michelle there and walked around.....E had a great time. So much fun for kids. Face painting, live music, people dressed up as ducks (don't ask....E almost molested this poor guy. She was OBSESSED with him.) A lot of fun. We will def. be back.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Got a good trainer ride in this AM while watching the USA women's soccer team get their butts handed to them by Brazil (4-0) in the semis of the world cup. Coach Ryan is definitely out a job after this, I predict. He made some very questionable coaching decisions. Felt bad for the US. Will try and catch the finals on Sunday. Brazil v. Germany.

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Mayor Jere Wood said...

Its the THIRD Thursday of each month!