Sunday, November 30, 2008


One more day of vacation down...2 more to go. Although, sadly, Mike heads home tomorrow. Work calls. :(

I am vacation tired. You know the kind of tired where you've been busy all day long with exhausting activities such as sitting on the beach, making sandcastles, playing hide and seek, and eating out at fancy restaurants.

The best part of vacation....those flat, kid-free runs. Florida topography sure beats the hell out those Georgia hills.

Some shots of our days so far....

Enjoying the beach.

Me and Alice

My dad, somehow, got roped into taking these two jokers to the bathroom (Ella and my nephew, Nick (4)).

Giant jawbreakers courtesy of Uncle Jamie

Grandma and my niece, Mackenzie

My brother, Dave and sis-in-law, Holly (and a sleeping, Nick)

My sister, Meg and bro-in-law, Jamie

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