Friday, January 9, 2009


...yards were swum (swam? who knows? seriously, does anybody know?) by yours truly today.

I know, I know...just a warm up for you fish out there, but for me?

A new post partum record. (Insert fist pump.)

Now, I just have to sit my butt down and cobble together a (hopefully kick ass) training plan that results in PR's for triathlon, 5k and half marathons for the spring. Simple, right?

All I require is a kid-free hour or so, Runner's World online, "Triathlete Magazine's Essential Week by Week Training Plans" and some fairy dust.


Meghan said...

you are seriously SUPER MOM!!!

JP said...

yea for swimming! you rock! Let me see that training plan when you're done, it sounds pretty impressive! We need to make a run date someday soon here. Maybe with the baby joggers when the toddlers are at school?

Alicia Parr said...

Oh yeah...swimming. I need to do some of that. I'm targeting late January / early February to start back. :)