Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year.

New Baby.(courtesy ed hetherington - photo, not baby.)

New Goals.
1:40 @ ING Half.
Sub 20 5k -- been working on this one for a LOOOONG time. PR is at the very least get below that.
Beat my time from 2007 @ John Tanner.

New Furniture!

Coming on Friday....I can't wait for our new non-falling-into-the cracks-between-the-sections-sectional, our new cruelty-free (to kids not cows) leather coffee table with no sharp corners, and comfy, spinning, chair. Merry Christmas to us.

Old friends.

Celebrated the holiday with two of my college roommates and their families. Love you guys.

Happy New Year to everyone.


Drago said...

Good idea that you clarified the new baby comment. Ed Hetherington Photography doesn't plan on expanding services beyond just taking pictures of babies.

Anonymous said...

you don't mean only college roomies, you meant to say best friends who you can't live without, right??!! : ) we love you too, bug!

Kate Parker said...

yes, of course. typo. :)

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