Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really not loving it.

Now, I am not one to spew negativity.

Well, not often, anyway.

But, the sinus infection that is making my teeth ache and ears pulse is keeping me from being in a very positive place today. (Well, that and the fact that I didn't workout on account of said sinus infection. I am a crankypants without a good sweat.)

Hence, my post today.

A very unpositive post of things I Do Not Like. The yin to the yang of yesterday's (much more positive) post. (a day that I worked out.)

1. Caillou -- can this kid whine more? Seriously. His parents should really address this. We just pretend that we can't understand a whiny voice. Maybe they could try that? BUT, Ella loves her some Caillou. Can't stand the kid.

2. The peanut butter recall -- Everything I (like to) eat has peanut butter as a main ingredient. It is the base of my food pyramid...well, that and hummus. All my delicious Clif Mojo bars are now inedible promising the possibility of a night spent over the toilet. I put my time in there with my two pregnancies, thank you very much.

3. New Hair Growth -- Something with the hormones related to pregnancy cause me to both lose (pounds and pounds) of hair while simultaneously growing tiny, little ones all along the crown. Causing me to look like I have purposely spiked my hair while in a ponytail...a kind of mom-mullet. A look I am not unfamiliar with. I am from Jersey after all.
I can't remember why I was yelling in this picture, but it does show all those tiny little buggers.

4. Baby Socks -- Can NO ONE make ones that actually stay on a baby's foot?

5. Summer Video Baby Monitors -- I love the video. When the darn thing works. Got one before Alice was born. Video screen went out a couple weeks ago. Just a black screen now. Babies R Us wouldn't take it back...awesome. Now we're stuck with a $160 monitor that refuses to let us know if Alice has her leg caught in the crib slat...again. Get new one @ Babies R Us. Video works for 10 minutes....then black. ARGH.

I feel better already.


Mama Simmons said...

I'm risking it with the peanut butter. If I die, it'll be worth it.

DC Running Mama said...

Um...I must live in a dark cave...PB recall? What?