Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick Day

Well, apparently, my prescription (Aladdin and blankie) didn't do the trick to heal Ella.

I knew something was up when I picked her up from the Kids Klub at the gym yesterday (after a not as hard as I anticipated 5 miler with the middle 3 miles at 7:12 pace.) and she was lying on the floor.

Then, I definitely knew a trip to the doctor was in order after she fell asleep in the cart at Publix. Not even the free Publix cookie would rouse her. (I love Publix.) Poor kid.

Alice decided to start a very good seal imitation as both Parker girls got checked.

They're fine...just colds.

No school for E today. Just hanging around the house getting healthy is in order. Along with (hopefully) an hour trainer ride for mommy between tuck ins, nose blows (E), and nose sucks (Alice).

The three of us and a strangely large picture of a girl and a horse at the doc.


Mama Simmons said...

Hope everybodty feels better and that mommy doesn't catch it too!!

JP said...

Ugh, no fun :-( Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Great workout though! :-D

lucky mimi said...

as Alice's Mimi, I have to protest that in real life, she's not quite as big as she appears in that picture. And her outfit is really cute.

The Chapples said...

Poor kiddos. Hope they feel better ASAP!