Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Brain... (thankfully, wonderfully) completely normal.

After months of weird symptoms (right eye not seeing right, heaviness of the right side of my body, feeling like I was going to pass out a few times), a visit to the ER, and a neurologist that seemed convinced that I had MS...I am so relieved.

Just got the results of my (too hellish to even discuss how scary it was being shoved in that torture chamber of a device for 40 minutes with a mask on my face***) MRI and MRA and my brain shows no signs of anything wrong.


So....what is causing all this weird stuff?
Which, by the way, I had all the same symptoms post baby #1, as well...that just disappeared after about a year. (2 ER visits and 1 MRI with that bout.)

Most likely, migraine.

The neurologist's best guess is that this is an aura. (I get migraines and when I get them, I lose vision..yep, in my right eye.)

He prescribed some medicine, so we'll see if it helps any....

I am just SO relieved. My brain, with all of its obvious abnormalities (can't you just remember someone's name, just once, when you meet them?), appears normal.

Thank God.

Alice and I, MRI in hand, leaving the office with the good news.

***just wanted to add that if anyone is reading this that is breastfeeding and getting an MRI with is okay to nurse right after. My neurologist and the radiologist both said I needed to wait 24-48 hours after to get rid of the contrast solution. (I was totally stressing about this, since Alice is 100% breastfed, poor kid would be wondering what happened.) BUT, according to my OB and 2 lactation consultants, you are totally fine to feed right after. The docs had some old school information.


Meghan said...

yay! congrats, that is great news!!

Mama Simmons said...

Got chills reading your post... didn't know there was even possibly anything wrong... but glad you're ok!!

The Chapples said...

Yikes! So scary. Migraines suck, for sure. I hope your meds do the trick.

Lauren said...

Glad everything looks ok!

Drago said...

That's scary. Glad things are ok but did the doctor reading the MRI not mention that you are missing your nose?

DC Running Mama said...

How scary! I am so glad that everything is OK. My hubby gets migraines and they are debilitating! His are linked to stress, rest, hydration, and caffeine.