Monday, January 26, 2009

Love it.

Just a list of some stuff I've been um, loving, lately.

1. My new Training Plan
Yes, that is Training Plan with a capital "T" and "P". Courtesy of my harda$$, ironman, friend, Justin. He is not messing around. And although, last week was a bust with doing all of them (with Alice so sick and so many doctor's appointments and blah blah blah...) this week, I am going to knock them out. I hope. If I can make it. Seriously...they are hard. I just had a baby. And there are a lot of them. Whine. Whine. (Just kidding, Justin!)

2.. New Training Plan purchases
NTP requires new swim paddles (XS Tyr Catalyst). And oh yeah, A TON more swimming than I was doing.
Hop onto (another love of mine.) Surf around. Decide if I am going to actually swim more than 2x per week, I NEED a new suit, right? And some new earplugs, too.

3. Shazam
New iphone application. I am sure you've seen the commercial for cool. Hold up your iphone to a song that is playing and it tells you the name and artist. Right then. And then you can buy it. LOVE IT. The other day, I "tagged" and then bought Fink -- "This is the Thing". Never would have ever known who was singing that song on "Friday Night Lights" that was just awesome.

4. Runners World Online Smart Coach
I love this. Type in a recent distance you have run and your time...insert how many miles a week you are currently running....what race you want to run...when you want to run your long run....when your race is....and it gives you a totally customizable training program. So smart and so easy to follow. Not that I am...since I have a NTP to follow, but if I was just running, I would totally use this.

5. My toothbrush. Oral B Crossaction Power.
Sounds totally boring, right?
Yes...yes, it is.

BUT, Mike and I love these toothbrushes...they are pretty inexpensive ($7), but make you feel like you just left the dentist. Something on my mind since me, Mike and E all have tooth cleaning/plaque scraping long delayed dentists appointments this week. It is the little things, people. :)

Happy belated 60th to my dad. Below with Annabelle and his dog, Sophie. He came up this weekend to celebrate with some bowling, lemon bars, cupcakes, ziti and lots of quality grandpa time for Ella and Alice.

He and Ella "acting cool". Nice try, guys.


Drago said...

Wow! I guess the recession hasn't made it's way over to the Parker household with those $7 dollar toothbrushes!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Cute picture of your dad and Ella. I just splurged on a bunch of stuff from as well. For the next couple of swims it will make swimming more fun.

Rebecca DeWire said...

I wore that suit all last year. I agree that is the best.

DC Running Mama said...

I LOVE the new suit! It kind of makes me want to go buy my own and actually go swimming...but not really...

PS--how great that your dad looks so dad looks like Santa Claus with his bowl full of jelly.