Monday, September 7, 2009

Deacon Blues

That's what I've got today. (Demon) Deacon blues, that is.

I am not talking about that Steely Dan song, which apparently has nothing to do with Wake Forest, or the Demon Deacons, or me not playing soccer as a Deacon any longer. Like most Steely Dan songs, I have no clue what it is about.

I am just not that smart. Or that high.

But the blues, yes, they're not really about missing soccer so much. (That's what triathlon is for, silly.) Mostly missing my teammates, joking around with them, traveling with them, having 20 sisters that you spend almost 24 hours a day with in-season. Team sports rock. Especially for girls. Man, I really hope my girls play sports. It is like a free pass to avoid the typical teenage girl hysteria re. boys, weight, cliques, etc. Well, not a free pass, but it certainly helps tone that crazy girl s*** down a bit. :)

I digress...what had me thinking about this today were a few things...(1) Our Wake Forest alumni soccer weekend coming up -- so excited for that and (2) this awesome gift that Mike masterminded for me.

That's my uniform. And it's framed. With pictures underneath. On my basement wall. Super-cool.

This ultra flattering picture embarrassed the crap out of me my sophomore year. And it was on the schedule cards. Doubly embarrassing for a 19 year old. (As an almost 33 year old, I think it's awesome. I am working hard and it shows. What's to be embarrassed about??)

What I really should have been embarrassed about was this picture.

I am about 2 feet away from touching my toes. Even with Amanda (who now lives 2 miles away from me!) pushing me down.

That's embarrassing.


Alicia Parr said...

I agree-- that top picture of you is awesome. Funny how our perceptions change after a decade or so. :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I couldn't agree more. I LOVED my team sports. My volleyball teammates are some of my best friends in the world. I'll have to find my senior year program that I was on the cover of. I was super embarrassed about it at the time but I'll be proud to show it to Zach one day when he doesn't believe his average height mom played college volleyball.

mimi said...

Finally. When I found that schedule card with your picture on it I wondered if you'd still think it was awful. I always thought it was awesome. Ella and Allie will be proud some day.

Meghan said...

i love this post! you are a super lady!!!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

This post is so cool since I had no idea you were a collegiate soccer player at Wake. And that top picture is just awesome! It will be fun to share that with your girls.