Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Heart Fall.

And while it's not actually fall according to the calendar, and definitely not according to the sweat dripping off my face while playing outside in the afternoons with the girls....I know it's close.

I can smell it.

It smells like hay rides, fall festivals, mums, those cinnamon brooms they sell in the grocery stores (the smell so strong, they make your food taste funny if you make the mistake and put them in the kitchen. I know from experience), candy corn, piles of leaves big enough to jump in.

I can't wait for the smell of someone else's fireplace burning while I'm running, the smell of arm warmers, leg warmers, FLEECE!, jeans, any non-flip flop kind of shoe, all the wonderful fall clothes. Welcome back long sleeves.

I am sniffing the end of the triathlon season coming (final race on 10/4) and the beginning of the off season (Silver Comet Half Mary 10/31). (What's a good costume that's comfortable to run in? Taking suggestions.)

The smells of pumpkins, spiders, costumes and decorations are keeping me awake at night.

I can't wait for my favorite part of fall...Halloween.

I love Halloween with a strange and unbridled passion. I don't really know why....I just do. After discussing with Mike, multiple times, my uber-involved ideas for Halloween decorations, party invitations, costumes for me, him and the girls....he finally gave me this look. A "you're a little off, aren't you, about this holiday" look. Followed by a firm, "We're setting a budget this year."

Okay, boss man. 20 Grand should cover it...

Some of last year's best smells...


funboy's stories said...

The Halloween pictures are very cute.

Jennifer said...

Hey Kate, found your blog through Lauren Sanders. You could run as a black cat, black pants and top.

Jen said...

Hi Kate,
My husband and I just had a little girl and I want to decorate the outside of our house this year! Granted Alexis will have no idea but I thought it would be fun to take her picture next to the pumpkins and hay stacks. The only problem is I have never purchase a hay stack.....Where do you buy them and do they last long? Should I look at a farmers market or something? Side of the road?

Thanks for your help!


Jen said...

I like Jennifer's theme of an animal for Halloween- what about a frog?! Hilarious. ;)