Thursday, September 24, 2009

My drug of choice.

It's been 14 months since we had any. Any at all it seemed like.

The nights were the worst. I really, really wanted it then. But, then again, the late afternoon is when the cravings got strong again.

We missed it. We got cranky. We really wanted more...we NEEDED more.

Then I got a taste.

And then another. And then a few more.

And now I can't stop.

I am strung out on sleep.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

I missed you, old friend. Remember back in high school, when we could hang out together until 11 or 12 on the weekends? Yeah, that was fun. And college? Wow. We'd spend A LOT of time together then...2 pm some days.

It's my new drug.

Ahh...pure, wonderful, blissful, smiling-when-I-shut-off-the-light-at-night sleep. The smile is because Alice is FINALLY sleeping through the night. And not the "5 hours at a stretch is sleeping through the night" BS that you read in the baby books, she's going from 7:15pm to sometimes (gasp!) 7:30am.

(Insert hallelujah chorus sound efx)

It appears that the tubes in the ears/weaning combination was the magic pill we searched for these past 14 months.

The sad, strange thing is that with all the extra shut eye I am getting, I covet it even more. Like, there is no way I am setting my alarm for 5am to swim tomorrow, when I really should. I will get my swim done, but not at 5 when it is easy to knock it out. I will do it at 10, when it's kind of a pain in the ass.

I can't help it.

I missed you, so, Sleep. Welcome back. Please don't leave us again.


Rebecca DeWire said...

I am 100% with you on your drug of choice. It took Elena forever to sleep through the night...about 13-14 months since just as she started to sleep through we moved and she got messed up again.

Enjoy your sleep! It was just amazing to me how different I felt when I get the appropriate amount of uninterrupted sleep.

Meghan said...

Oh i love that drug too!!!! It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC Running Mama said...

I can't wait to be a junkie, too...and so glad that I am not the only one who has a baby that still doesn't sleep through the night. You give me hope that one day (soon!) I will be sleeping again. Since we moved, the little man has been back on the 3-4 hr loop. Ug. Hopefully once we have blinds up in his room we'll be sleeping again!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I cannot imagine going 14 months. Life has been so much easier since Zach started going about 12 hours at 6 months. I thought I was one of those people who didn't need much sleep until I really wasn't getting much sleep. Staying up late and working is totally different than being woken up multiple times in the night by a baby.

Enjoy the drugs. It's good stuff.

Aspiring Domestic Diva said...

Oh how we take that drug for granted when we're in college! If had known how little sleep I would get as a mommy I would have majored in sleep instead of actually studying. SO glad you're getting your fix again! Enjoy every minute of it!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I am a HUGE SLEEPER! LOVE TO SLEEP...I can sleep 9 hours every night and feel super....when heavily training. Our kids @ 7 years old go down to sleep at 8pm and wake up between 7-8am. So, they sleep nearly 12 hours at 7 yo. When they were smaller, they slept 14+ hours and it was super! Kids do much better on more sleep too - like us!

GLAD you are getting more sleep!! Gosh, I remember the days when I would get 4 hours "straight" and feel like I could take on the world. quickly that changes! :)