Monday, September 21, 2009

It's biblical.

This rain.

Seriously, they should be rounding up two of everything soon and loading them up onto an arc.

Cats and dogs since last week. Woof. And Meow.

I posted as a joke on facebook that I was giving up my gym membership since I could now swim laps in my backyard, before seeing that Joe actually did. And took pictures. He's now sick...not sure if there is a relationship between the two, but I'd venture to say that swimming in that stuff doesn't make you healthier. (Feel better soon, Joe.)

Atlanta does not get this kind of rain.

It is all people can talk about. (Me included. Apparently. And I am not normally a weather-talker kind of person). But, when the main highway in the city closes down, people's homes are getting swept away, schools are closed, a state of emergency is being declared, I guess it is okay to be a weather-talker kind of person then. If not, you're just kind of irresponsible, right?

I took this picture off our deck at 2 pm. Not AM. It is that dark out. And the raindrops are that big.

Must have footwear in the ATL this week.

Mike got drenched just walking in the house from work. Where he was promptly attacked by some water monsters.

The insanely brave roofer caulking a leak in our roof. I took the picture then had to walk inside. I couldn't handle watching him up there that high.

The parking lot of the girls' school. And that was this morning...and it rained ALL DAY.

E enjoying the "end of days". :)

Ugh. My long brick that I was actually looking forward to tomorrow (both girls in school...right on the route where I ride) now means trainer to treadmill long brick while Alice naps and E (hopefully) watches a movie. Both of which, almost never happen, simultaneously.

Now it's getting personal, rain.

We escaped the rain this weekend to make the trek to wonderfully dry Winston-Salem to watch the Deacs beat up on Elon. Always fun to see my college buddies. Even with Alice yelling in the car for roughly 90% of the 10 hour roundtrip drive. This has to be a phase. It HAS TO be.

This is something we never got to do in college. Tailgate. Soccer season and football season being the same darn season and all.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Oh Kate! I am SO sorry! I KNOW what daily horrible weather is is like Chicago in the winter - every day it is barely 20F! Can not go outside, train outside or Play outside. it is so hard. HANG IN THERE!!!!!

Drago said...

Wow! Wake "beat up" on Elon. That's impressive.

Joe Reger said...

Definitely a weather-talker worthy week in the ATL. Who says swimming in potentially raw sewage is a bad thing?!? Rumors... all rumors. Hope you and the fam are drying out!

Meghan said...

i love your blog!!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Someday I'll have to play the name game with you for Wake Forest.

My brother and other friends have been sending pictures of the rain from ATL. Looks crazy. Does this mean there's no longer a water shortage there?