Monday, November 16, 2009

Another week?

Wow. I am not sure I can handle this.

Training Peaks taunts me every morning with the following emails.

"Your lazy ass has no workouts to do today. You chose this. 'Cause you "needed a break". Say goodbye to all the fitness you had. It probably won't come back. Your pants are only still fitting because of all the muscle you have lost in the past few weeks."

Okay, TP is not that harsh. That's just me.

And me? I can be a bit harsh.

Sure, I am exaggerating a bit. I am really not going that crazy in this offseason. (I must admit that triathlon is almost as big a time suck as Facebook, or Bravo reality shows.)

But, I am working on week 3 of no real swimbikerun, no intervals, no all, no times to hit....and it is all starting to wear on me.

Exhausting, I tell ya.

Another week. I can make it. I think....

I am just not so good at doing easy runs. (Booo-ring.) Or easy bikes on the trainer (Yawn.) And I will not swim unless I am told to.

Someone please tell me to. :)


DC Running Mama said...

Ha ha! I am on day three of no running and still loving it....although I do feel somewhat rudderless without a race on the horizon.

Jennifer Harrison said...

hee hee! Let's not forget you were so burnt that you did not want to race the 1/2 Marathon on the 7th of November! OR Halloween! :)) So, this is all good for you. Soon...very soon, Kate! :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

I am so not where you are yet. I am loving not working out and getting fat. But soon I'll be crazy like you although right now it's hard for me to imagine.

Continue to enjoy the off season!

Alicia Parr said...

Easy runs are boring? Seriously? You need company on those runs. That's the key.