Sunday, November 22, 2009


We will be in Boston with Mike's family next week for the real deal. THANKSgiving. So today, we decided to celebrate FRANKSgiving with mine. (My Dad's name? Frank.) Yeah, I made it up. And yeah, I think it's funny. And, yes, I probably have said it way too many times to my family that they're sick of it now. But, you guys are a totally new audience.

Franksgiving is kind of like Thanksgiving....but also, kind of not like it. At all.

On Franksgiving, ART is created. And you must pose "without moving ANYTHING! Okay, you can move your eyes. But only to blink, Aunt Meg."

Wrestling is mandatory.

Champagne toasts kick off the festivities. (I LOVE Franksgiving! Champagne is my most favoritest.)

And sunglasses are required apparel. Unless you have a princess hat on...then, you're exempt.

My "off season" could not end at a better time. I couldn't be happier for some an actual schedule on Training Peaks tomorrow. I think I might actually have something called a "swim" on my schedule. Oh my, this is going to be ugly...

In non Thanksgiving, Franksgiving, triathlon news....Alice is walking! Not much and not often, but she is doing it. Go Alice!


mimi said...

Obviously, Franksgiving is way more fun and open to interpretation than the stuffy traditional holiday. I'm in for 2010 and another co-birthday celebration. Woo-woo! It was fun!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Any tradition with champagne is a good thing!

Hopefully we can pull off getting together next week before you leave town.

Mary IronMatron said...

Franksgiving sounds way more fun than the real thing!
Hope the flight with little people goes well!

DC Running Mama said...

Franksgiving sounds like an AWESOME time! And, yeah, Alice! (Makes me feel better b/c my little guy will "cruise" everywhere, but no walking yet!)

Angela said...

Yeah Alice! Just in time to pull stuff off the tree I suppose!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving. Maybe we should adopt a family name like that...although barry and john just don't work the same as frank.

Scott DeWire said...

We had champagne at our early Thanksgiving, too! That looks like a fun celebration. Hope you have a great 2nd Thanksgiving, too.

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Alicia Parr said...

You have a FUN family.

Go Alice!

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