Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in the saddle

Wow. Rude awakening. I think my body forgot what it is like go hard and fast. Started up my training for Tugaloo today and woweee....I am feeling it. :) Not even that tough of a workout, but it sure felt like it.
Mike's letting me coach him for the Lake Lanier sprint on 10/7. He already threw away one training plan I gave him....onto the second draft this afternoon. Tough customer.

Workout --
45 min run -- 25 mins at 10k pace/rest WU and CD
50 min swim -- 2400 yards


Drago said...

I didn't know the smackdown would be coming so early. See you on October 7th. I'll come back to watch Mr. Parker finish after I go home and shower.

Kate Parker said...

Drago -- are you racing then, too?????

Drago said...

If Drago can get healthy he'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Also, if Drago is healthy, the fancy aero wheels Tom is looking at in the picture are not going to help him.

"Rocky is chopping the big Russian down" said...

Tom knows nothing about the "aero wheels" Drago speaks of....that's the page that Tom's triathlon obsessed wife was looking at. Tom reads about cool stuff when he's at breakfast with Ella, like Barney and Elmo.

Make sure to rent a locker at the gym tomorrow so you can lock up your swimmies when you're finished swimming with the girls.

Clubber Lang said...

I pity the fool that tries to steal Drago's swimmies from the locker room.

Tell Tom to enjoy sleeping in like a chump in the morning.