Sunday, July 22, 2007


Congratulations, Kindzia. Paul K. (my coach and our friend) finished his 9th (or 10th? not sure, but some crazy number) IM at Lake Placid today. Kindzia aka "The Polish Hammer"-- hope you're feeling well and enjoying your family and all their awesome support. Can't wait to see some pictures and hear all about it.

We had a good weekend here. Went up to Asheville for the day yesterday...awesome up there. We love it. Such a funky, cool city and the mountains are so gorgeous. Mike and I did some early AM juggling to get our workouts in before we left and we both did. Yay us. Its nuts, but we'd both be cranky otherwise. Lazy Sunday workouts. Feeling unbelievably sore from my first squats in YEARS on Friday. Seriously, I am lowering myself with my hands into and out of chairs. Had no idea how weak I actually am.

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