Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pretty basic week this week. Getting packed and ready to head up to my brother, David's, lake house in Indiana tomorrow. Excited to see everyone up there. David's been friends with the same guys since high school, so its nice to see them with families and kids now. And rid of the flat tops, too. They were all fans of that sweet haircut. NJ has rockin' style! Can't wait to see our friends, The Riepes, too.

Good luck to Nate and Amy this weekend. (My bro and sister in law -- pic above). They're both doing a LONG trail race this weekend. Nate's doing the 30 mile one and Amy is doing the 18 mile one. I think it might be in VT or New Hampshire...I know it is supposed to be really tough though. Through the woods and 10 hours long tough. Run like tigers, Strongs!

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