Sunday, July 15, 2007

A new leaf

Or a new training plan. Whatever. :) Finally at the point of IM recovery where I can actually get into a new training plan for Tugaloo. Going through the book and writing down my workouts for the week lifted my mood. That's sick, isn't it? I am excited about this short and speedy stuff. No long, slow workouts. Hard, fast stuff. Nice for a change. Can't wait to break a sweat....and dry heave.

Good weekend all around. Had to bag the bike with Justin this AM. Rainy all day.

Hope Chattanooga went well for Michelle!

E was chasing Mike around the house in this pic. She's pretty psyched to find him.


The Ghost of Apollo Creed said...

Hey Drago....heard that Tom saw your swim coach this weekend.....and she's pretty sure that he's gonna kick your butt in the water.

Happy training - Apollo

unbiased observer said...

I think the blog would be more effective with more pictures of Ella. Thank you.

Drago said...

Apollo, I will break Tom just like I broke you. You are both weak and soft Americans. How sad it is that Tom is so nervous he needed to use the same coach as me. Tell him to go bad to rubbing chamois cream all over his clothes.