Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Boom, boom, haining

Translation -- It is thundering and raining right now, so instead of napping, Ella is on the couch next to me and we're watching Sesame Street until it passes.

Meet Michelle and Eddie for an early am swim. So glad I have someone to meet or I would never go that early anymore. BTW -- Eddie (aka Drago) is full of crap. According to him, he's "learning to swim". Sure, sure...LIAR. I am no Lauren Sanders, but I could NOT catch him. He was doing 500's and I was doing 200's. And I was trying...hard. BS. Total BS. I came home and told Mike he was in trouble for the smackdown. :) I really didn't do too much swimming, instead talked a lot. Ahh....the comforts of being done with IM.

E's good...other than the fear of thunder/fireworks and any kind of bug that sends her into a panic. :) She's starting to get pretty smart about how her actions affect Mom and Dad. She's been telling us when she is crying. You tell her, "Ella -- NO" Ella gets upset. Starts to cry. Says, "Momma, I am crying" then proceeds to take the tears from her face on her finger and show you. WOW. Can you say "guilt trip"??

Workouts --
AM Swim -- 40 mins.
35 min fartlek -- 4.10 miles

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Paulie said...

The "Ghost of Apollo" is awfully quiet today.....