Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Momma, poo poo?

So, I was sitting down facing away from E earlier. She grabs the back of my pants, looks down and asks me, "Momma -- poo poo?" LOL. I was cracking up. I guess I do that to her all the time, she wanted to check on me today. Funny kid. BTW -- the answer was no, if you're wondering.

Training is going well...been fun so far. Olympic distance training is no joke. 2 a days every day! WTF? I thought I would be taking it easy after IM training. My choice, I guess. :) I snoozed this am and missed my early AM swim, but successfully kept Mike up for a half an hour. (sorry!) Swam at LA Fitness earlier and plan on running later.

Other than that, we're good. Heading up to Indiana/Michigan (literally, one half of the lake is MIchigan and the other is Indiana that my brother's lake house is on.) on Friday. We're driving. Ugh. Thank god for the car DVD. Lobesterfest here we come. Its just a big party with music, tons of kids, food and Lobsters. E's going to have a blast. My bro's got 4 kids....she's going to go nuts.

Swim -- 1hour -- 2750 yards
Run --- planning on fartlek after dinner


Anonymous said...

Maybe Ella asked you that question because she got confused when she heard you were going to do a "fartlek" after dinner.

Mimi Toes said...

A very E story. Pictures,please? Not of your pants, but the little Goofer Ella Bella.