Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My bike is not working. AGAIN. I literally just got it back from the shop yesterday, rode it today and the problem is actually worse. No exaggeration, this is the 7th or 8th time I am unable to shift from small to big chain ring. Something I really might need on Saturday in the race. So annoying....going to all3sports with my bike and a 2 year old who loves to knock over the mannequin and try to knock over the eight thousand dollar bikes is not my idea of fun. (I do love going there...withOUT Ella though.) I wonder if something is wrong with my bike? Well, I know there is something wrong, but I have had this same problem since the day I got the bike in January. Maybe it is something wrong with the bike inherently. Who knows? Certainly not me, I know nothing about how they work. The wheels spin. That's about the extent of my bike knowledge.


Alright, done with my rant.

Early AM run with the girls tomorrow. Should be fun. Hope Michelle is doing well....she had a crash this weekend at Silver Comet. Some scrapes and bruises. Poor girl!

Mike was in last night to get his bike fitted and found out that it is too big for him. They told him if he rides it a lot, he's going to have hip problems. (dysplasia? like a golden retriever?) Guess he needs a new one now, too. Matt at All3 suggested a Kuota KFactor (my bike) to him. How cute. Matching bikes. Aww.

Pic is of E and I riding around Roswell today. Pretty much what we do every day. She had playgroup at the park today and rocked the slides.

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Cycleworks said...

So they sold you a bike that breaks all the time and now they want you to by a second one?