Thursday, September 20, 2007

Back in the saddle....again

Lazy workout week this week. Can't seem to get motivated for 2 a days. I am a sleep hound this week. Maybe from the race last weekend? Not sure. Asleep last night at 8. SO not like me. I am usually out around 11. Gotta get on the stick and get my a$$ in the pool and start moving again for Emerald Pointe in a few weeks. Game on! (That's my pep talk to myself. Like it?)

Running this AM at the gym and almost fell off the treadmill watching the women's world cup. I can't help moving around like I am playing (I played soccer my whole life....little kid through college.). Game gave me chills.....Brazil scored in bonus time to win. Pretty exciting stuff. Miss playing.

E's Poppa came to see her yesterday...she was showing off like crazy. Fun.


Danny Bonaduce said...

I'd sure love to come swim with you some time. Which pool do you swim in? I've got a cool speedo with guitars all over it that I think you would really like.

Bruce from the Ford Smith Gallery said...

Mike, some nerve you have coming into my store, drinking my wine, and flirting with me along with that handsome man you were with. And now I see you are married, to a WOMAN no less. You have some issues you need to work out.

Ella said...

Damn I miss that ducky....he was cool as hell.

Fidelity Bank Lion said...

Why does everyone always like the stupid ducky better than me? That duck is such a wuss.