Thursday, September 6, 2007

Early Run

Early (and I mean EARLY) am run with Michelle and Jill today. I have a mental problem putting in a 4 handle into the alarm for a wake up. It hurts to set it for before 5AM. Although, the upside to running with these girls is that it doesn't feel like a workout. So much chatting going on that I forget that we're running. Takes a lot to make me forget that I am running, at 5:30AM. So....well worth the 4:50 alarm.

Heading up to good old Winston-Salem this weekend to watch my beloved Deacs play Nebraska. All the girls I played soccer with are all going with their husbands and little ones. A couple can't make it.....but we will be thinking about you guys. (One of my good girlfriends is on strict bedrest with her second pregnancy, so sad she's unable to come. Vanessa -- thinking about you and sending you positive thoughts.) Ella's going to have a blast. Heading out tonight with my mom to get something to wear since Wake follows the (I think) dumba$$ tradition of dressing up at football games. If I try and go solo and buy something, I inevitably will buy the first thing that doesn't really fit and doesn't really look good and costs the most....simply due to the fact that I have zero patience for clothes shopping. Yeah, I am 30 and I need to buy back to school clothes with mommy still. Nice.

The picture above of E is her imitating Pavarotti. She saw some footage of him this AM and I snapped the shot.


Joe Camel said...

That might be the funniest picture this camel has ever seen.

Drago said...

Wake has a football team? That's great that they got that started this year.