Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to School

Wow. What a fun weekend (rather day and a half). Had such a great time up at Wake with my girlfriends, their husbands and kids. I feel so lucky to have such good friends and feel (and certainly act) like we're all still 19 when we get together. I laugh so hard with these girls (and guys). Thanks for making the trip everyone.

Such a trip to be back at Wake with our own kids. We were all walking around the Pit (the cafeteria at Wake that was a semi-dump when we were there, but now is nicer than most restaurants I frequent.) this am for breakfast and wondering if the students thought we were one of them or did we stick out? The milk spilling two year old on my hip might have blown at least my cover. :) Gus nailed it when he said, "We don't feel much older than them, but they think we are SO old."

Boo hoo.

I loved school, but am happy to be where I am now....counting the days until 31. I am not sure I could handle the 4 a days for preseason any more. Or the black scum that was on my jeans every Sunday after being ankle deep in beer until 3am the night prior.

Had some interesting conversations about our old soccer coach who was younger than us when we all started as freshmen. We, now with some maturity and perspective (sure.), cannot believe some of the crap he pulled. (i.e. no food after a game because we didn't play well.) Are you kidding me???
Pics are here.

Hope everyone made it safely home.

Back into taper mode this week. Yes, a taper from my monumentally slacking workout schedule of the last few weeks. Tugaloo is not going to be pretty.

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