Monday, September 24, 2007

Fat as a Tiger

That's a phrase that Nate (my brother in law...and a funny, funny guy) uses to describe our 97 lb. golden retriever. "Fat as a Tiger" is how I feel today after our weekend o'eating. I keep this up and they're going to have to get a crane to get me out of the house soon.
Some highlights...
Rocky Ledge Bars (so, so delicious) batter and bars -- Sat. night
Mexicali Grill -- Sat. night -- great Mexican food
2 one year old birthday parties with cake (and chips)
1 baby shower -- assorted bad-for-you appetizers

My meager workouts didn't put much of a dent into the calories I accumulated. Well...back on track this week, right? Had a fun ride with Michelle yesterday at Riverside. Nice, easy 1:15 spin. Michelle earned it since she biked 105 (yes, miles) the day before and ran for an hour after. (Love that IM training.) Me? Not so much, but hey....that is the beauty of NON ironman training. :)


Danny Bonaduce said...

You like tigers huh? Well if you liked my guitar shirt on Thursday night you'll love my sweet tiger shirt. It looks awesome with my jean shorts.

You can see it online here but give me a call if you want to see it in person.

Apollo said...

That's a sweet shirt Danny....I tried to pick one up but they didn't have extra small. Tom....I mean Apollo likes his tiger shirts tight to show off when he goes to Pastis.

Saw Matt at the pool today and he said he's gonna yell "fat as a tiger" when he flies by the blogger on the bike in two weeks.

Danny Bonaduce said...

If you are going to Pastis you should pick this shirt up.

Works for me every time.

Drago said...

My wife is upset that you shortchanged her mileage for Saturday. She actually rode 105 miles and then did a run afterwards.

Please get your information correct next time before you embarrass her by telling people she only rode 100 miles.

Kate Parker said...

I apologize for my gross inaccuracies on this blog. Corrections have been made. Thank you so much for your vigilance, Drago.

Drago said...

Thanks for making the change.

It's a little disappointing, however, that you have to try to diminish other people's accomplishments in order to make yourself feel better about throwing down a 4000 calorie burrito this weekend.