Friday, September 7, 2007

Can't Sleep....

....argh. We're getting up at 4:20, too. Second time in a week, that damn 4 am wake up call beckons. Heading up to Wake to try and make the tailgate for a noon game. Hope to leave by 5. Poor E...hate to wake her sweet little self. She always seems so, "What are you doing??? I am sleeping here, Mom."

Good day today. Skipped my am swim and took E to Monkey Joe's (a place filled with blow up things for the kiddos to jump all over.) E's buddy, Emma was there and I wasn't in the mood to swim (plus I wanted to see Emma's poor daddy who had a pretty bad bike wreck the day before.) Justin looked pretty beat up. Road rash all over, face, arms, back, legs. Poor guy can't even lift his arm. But, he's pretty lucky, guess it could have been a lot worse. Nothing broken, not even his bike. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. Justin and everyone. Riding your bike is pretty dangerous. Scary.

Enjoy your weekends. I am so excited to head back to Wake tomorrow. Been at least 5 years since I've been back. Can't wait to see all the girls and catch up.

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