Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 Months.

Alice is 3 months old today and coincidentally, I find myself 3 months post partum, as well.

Funny how that works. :)

We celebrated by heading to my gym, en masse. Woo hoo. My first time with both girls...went pretty well.

Alice slept.
Ella played.
I knocked out 5 kid free miles on the treadmill-- with intervals mixed in. 42 minutes of awesome.

I am trying to stick with Runners World's half marathon training plan as much as possible to train for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half. I feel those intervals in my quads tonight. To quote Johnny Cougar (I like to go old school and disregard the "Mellencamp"), "it hurts so good".

Alice at 3 months? Doing great. She's got some rocking head control...Ella loves to join her in "tummy time".

Ella and Alice working on head control together.

Alice loves to smile, especially at daddy when he gets home from work. She saves the biggest ones of the day for that. A very happy, contented, sweet, little girl. See?

Alice and her mimi (my mom)

And me? Doing fine. So happy to be through those first 3 months...they are a bit scary and full of tons of adjustments, physically, mentally and emotionally. I like my routines and we are definitely getting closer and closer to one now. Only 2 more lbs. to go to get back to pre baby weight. Yay. Some jeans are still too tight for my liking, but getting better weekly. (I keep a pile of the too tight clothes and try them on every week or so....once they fit, they get hung in the closet.)


Mama Simmons said...

Both your daughters are adorable! :)
That's cool your gym takes kids at 3 months... mine doesn't until 6 months.

Alicia Parr said...

I love Alice's hair curls on the top of her adorable head. Congrats to you on being practically back to pre-preg weight!