Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I am it.

Mama Simmons tagged me. So, I guess I am it. My five random things about myself are below (although isn't this whole blog just random things about me anyway?).

1. I was born in Naperville, Illinois, grew up in New Jersey (lived in lots of places there -- Westfield, Gillette, Millington, Tewksbury), went to college in Winston-Salem, NC and now live in Roswell, GA. Favorite place? Roswell Prettiest place? Definitely Tewksbury Where I would move to now? Winston-Salem (seems like a good place to raise a family.) I love the south and can't see us moving from here. Chicago is awesome, but the weather is SO not.

2. I hate to fly. I know, in my head, that it if safe. Safer than a car. But, I am so freaked out on a plane -- I am the cuckoo lady taking deep breaths, clenching her husband's hand, praying, and (when not pregnant or breastfeeding) taking a little pill to help me deal. I am so happy when I know I have no travel plans upcoming that involve flying. I think it is a control thing....

3. I love triathlon, but soccer is my first love. I played my whole life. Youth, high school, club, college....I still have dreams about it. I dream that I am on the field at Wake Forest for a home night game (my favorites) and I am playing well with all my best girlfriends. Those dreams are so vivid and real...they make me viscerally miss the game. Not the game that I would play now...rec league....they make me miss Division I college soccer. Way different and there is no going back there.

4. I can't touch my toes. I am extremely, embarrassingly inflexible.

5. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love it. Love the decorations. Love the fall. Love the costumes. The candy rocks. Once all our decorations are done I will post some pics of our way over-decorated house.


Anonymous said...

enjoy the remainder of october!... a great time of year.

Mama Simmons said...

Can't wait to see your kids in their costumes. I took the liberty of ordering a little pumpkin onsie for my impending little one... crossing my fingers that he/she will be here in time to wear it! :)