Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Push it.

Nope. Not talking about that sweet 80's jam by Salt N Pepa. (Although it is on my running mix...and it rocks.)

Talking about the double jogger. Took the girls out for their second spin in the thing today and it is no joke.

We (I) decided that the 20% grade alpine-esque ascents of Horseshoe Bend were out and headed out to Riverside Dr. to enjoy some flats.

Good call. All told, I am pushing an extra 65(ish) lbs. around. However, I am just so happy to be able to run with the girls.

Ella and I chatted.

She watched "Dora" on my iphone.

We saw a chicken. (Seriously, a chicken on Riverside. I saw the same one on my long run on Sunday. He must live there. Funny.)

Played "yellow car".
(Its a tough game to play. You look for a yellow car and yell "yellow car" when you see it. Complicated, no?)

Alice slept.

I sweated for 35 minutes.

Enjoyed the nice fall breeze.

Nice way to spend the morning.

Alice post run. She's exhausted from all the um, sleeping she did on the run apparently.

Ella's post run reward.


Mama Simmons said...

Indeed, looks like the perfect morning! The yellow car ganme sounds like a good one. ;)
We have tons of chickens that live and roam around here. The roosters all have their territory lines and they skawk like mad at all hours. I've seen my neighbor go out with a shotgun and eliminate them from the area, for which I am always deeply greatful!

Joe Reger said...

Yep. I did my first double stroller uphill push yesterday. Flats are ok but hills are not. Lots of work with that extra 65 lbs! Glad you're getting out there! Just think, running without the 65 lbs will be a breeze!