Friday, October 17, 2008


My birthday was yesterday.

I am 32 years old. Officially fully entrenched in my thirties now.

No problem with that...I have no issues about getting older. Everyone does it. All my girlfriends are getting older. Mike is getting older. The alternative is not so appealing.

Thanks to everyone for the emails, facebook wall posts, cards, gifts, calls, etc. (Wow, I feel so popular.) :)

The highlights were the princess stickers and "Cars" card from the girls and the TREADMILL!!! from Mike. I am so excited for this. Finding the time to run with two has not been too easy, so anything to make it easier is greatly welcomed.

Me and Little MIss Sunshine today while E was in school.

Alice is coming up on three months old soon -- she's such a joy. Such a good, happy baby. Her smiles break our hearts...she loves to coo and we're working so hard to coax a laugh out of her. Not quite yet...think she's getting close though. Not yet sleeping through the night, we normally get a 3am wake up call from the hungry girl. Not too bad. It is the nights that we end up with 4 in the bed (E has been appearing in our room anywhere from 3am-5am telling us she "had a dream"/"heard a noise" and climbs right in) that are pretty sleepless.

Glad we have a king.


awice's mimi said...

dat is da coo-test baby. I agree, she is a joy and a pleasure. I'll bet when she laughs, it's a big old belly laugh.

Mama Simmons said...

Happy Birthday! What a great husband to get you a treadmill too! :)

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday!

N.D. said...

I can picture everyone jumping into bed, haha, but not really getting up in the morning and being with it! Happy Birthday!! The baby is beautiful :) I can't believe it has been 3 months already!