Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall is awesome


Halloween decorations (and the excitement of that little curly haired girl running among them.)

Won't find a witch on your doorstep any other time of year.

Falling of the leaves (and apparent tasting of the leaves as well.)


Blown up ones.

Blown out ones, too. :(

Mommy and baby ones.

And one more reason....FLEECE! It is fleece time. Finally cool enough. My favorite, favorite thing to dress in. So cozy. The girls have no choice.


amie said...

ummmm, maybe a little overboard? just a tiny bit :-)

Mama Simmons said...

Wow! You guys go all out!
That last picture of Alice is precious... What a smile! ;)
I'm hoping Baby Simmons comes this week before Halloween... I went ahead and bought a little orange pumkin outfit just in case- how fun would that be as a 'coming home from the hospital' outfit?

Kindzia said...

Hey Pah-kah's. I was lurking on your blog and loved the pics. I call these "trick" pictures because your kids are so cute that they "trick" people into wanting some clones of yours!