Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Kate, you have some vomit there on your shirt."

That was the quote of the day. (Thanks for letting me know, Justin. A good friend will let you know if you have spinach in your teeth, bit only a true friend will clue you in to the disgusting vomit on your shirt.) :) Hope to return the favor someday...

So, yeah. I puked up my pria bar post race. But, it was POST. RACE, people.

I raced.

Yahoo! A good day puke or not.

Whether or not you've got some good fitness (I don't) 5k's hurt like hell. And when you have not a lot of running under your (too tight) belt hell comes about the start of mile 2. But, I finished and had a good time and loved being out there. Gorgeous fall day. Flat (mostly), familiar course. I took it out too fast (but, of course....I ALWAYS do this.) and paid for it later.

Mike and the girls came out to cheer. Alice wore this sweet onesie. (Thanks again, Michelle!)

I dry heaved my way to a 22:36 and took home one of these cute mugs.

Certainly not a great time, but a good place to start. No complaints from me for 2.5 months post partum. Just so, so happy to be back out there.

Congrats to my neighbor and friend, Amy, on completing her first 5k. She rocked! I think she's hooked now, even if she did have to do her first race with the competitive jerk who left her on her own out there (um, yeah, that would be me.)

Happy to have the day done and two girls asleep. We're watching the Red Sox beat up on Tampa Bay (I am watching IM Hawaii online) and eating cookies with our buddy, Phil. Phil did not come over empty handed. He brought me an early birthday gift. Check it out.

What a pusher. He's feeding my addictions. Trident and Diet Sunkist. Awesome.


amie said...

great job on the race, you should be the spokesperson for Pria.

Mama Simmons said...

Congrats! That's awesome... what a fun day!

Heather said...

Way to go!!!

Great time for most people, and at 2.5 months postpartum-- you rock!

The Chapples said...

Woohoo! I bet it felt great to be out there racing again!