Monday, October 27, 2008

Things I've learned from Ella

I have to write some of these down. They're too funny to forget. 3 year olds crack me up. Esp. my 3 year old.

"Poo poo and pee pee are best friends"
(I had NO idea. But they are seen together a lot.)

Her pirate name is "the-not-nice-pirate-Ella".

"Cows drink milk"
(Oh, really they DRINK it, do they?)

That is all my exhausted-from-not-sleeping-much- the-past-3-nights-because-my-husband-was-away-and-I-can't-sleep-when-he's-gone brain can remember right now.

Always been a funny girl. E at 1 here.

1 comment:

a not so nice pirate said...

you must add "frickely pold". It's very descriptive, you minchy little Mommy.