Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween, Congrats and Good Luck

Lots to cover today.

Been so busy with Halloween....I've been way off my blogging habit this week. We co-hosted a Halloween party with our next door neighbors, The Roberts, that kept us pretty busy this week. Party was great. Ended up having about 50 people. Kids had a blast. Weather was great, nice and cool. All in all..a Halloween success. (I am choosing to ignore Ella's sugar induced hysteria/melt down at 9pm last night). I am ready for the fun to be done though.

Halloween '08 OUT.

Some party/trick or treating pics.

I had to promise a candy corn in exchange for this pose. The witch drives a tough bargain.

The witch likes to steal candy, too. Bad witch.

My sister and her nieces. "Aunt Med" to Ella. Meg to everyone else.

Our ragin' party in full swing.

Me and my dad, Frank(enstein).

The older girls were "petting" Alice, the kitty cat.

My mom, sister and me -- need all 3 of us to handle one crazy 3 year old trick or treating.

Mike and Ella.

Now on to congrats. Kindzia and Joe raced IM Florida today. Awesome day guys....hope you're both eating something way fattening and putting your feet up right about now. So impressed!

Last but not least -- good luck to Kevin, Mike's brother, who is racing the NYC Marathon tomorrow. He ran about a 3:15 last year....and he's sandbagging this year telling us not to expect a PR. That guy is TOUGH though....never know. Good luck, Kevin!


Mama Simmons said...

Looks like a great party!

The Chapples said...

Great pictures! I love your kiddos' costumes. :)

Alicia Parr said...

I love the little kids petting Alice!