Saturday, November 8, 2008

10 Years...

I am in Winston-Salem, NC as I type this. My 10 year Homecoming is this weekend. Wake Forest University. Go Deacs!

"Why are you blogging at 11:34pm while at Homecoming, you nerd? " you ask.

Good question.

Last night was ladies night out. Tonight? Guys are painting the town red, er, black and old gold, I mean.

Homecoming etiquette from years past (shots, dancing, shenanigans, and general craziness) definitely changes when you add the little ones into the mix. Who wants to be hungover at 7 am Sunday morning when the loud, fuzzy haired three year old with the Deacon tattoo on her face demands a 'nana (banana) and some wemonade (lemonade). (Not that I really have a choice this year. While nursing, I am "one and done" on the drinking front anyway.)

Most of my old soccer teammates and their families are here. So much fun to see everyone...10 kids all told, ages 3.5 months to 3 years. Crazy.

Some pics from the weekend...


The Chapples said...

I know you must have had a crazy-busy weekend in W-S, but I would have loved to meet you! Go Deacs!

Danielle said...

Alice's shirt is so cute! I can't believe you have been out of school for ten years! You don't look like it!