Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Santa

The other night, while dancing in her new gymnastics leotard (first class was a hit!), and waiting for Daddy to get home from work, Ella and I worked on her Christmas list. I wrote down, verbatim, what she told me she wanted.

Some interesting stuff on here..

Sitting here on a really cold (for Georgia) afternoon and looking ahead to next year's races. I am torn between what races I really want to do (and do well in) and what races I reasonably can train for and train well for.

Gulf Coast is my favorite race. Hands down.
I love this race.
I want to do this race.
BUT, do I have the time and desire to train for this race all winter long, while nursing Alice and all that entails? Not sure, but I will give it a try...

I have a feeling my '09 season might be more suited to sprints and Olympics. The time commitment is a lot less and I really enjoy the short stuff, anyway.

There are years and years ahead of me to put the time in for another IM. There will never be another year that Ella is 3 and Alice is not yet a year (can't forget how adorable 40 is either, right, Mike?). I have to take the long view and remember this when I get that inevitable itch.


Alicia Parr said...

Doesn't everyone want a swimming thing and a monker?

Mama Simmons said...

Cute Christmas list! :)

I can imagine juggling the longer training would be really hard with 2 kids. I think it's going to be hard enough with just 1!! I'm planning a 1/2 IM at the end of May and hopefully will figure out how to put in the miles to be ready for it.