Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Pold Frickely"

That is Ella gibberish for being cold. She does it as she shivers. Wraps her arms around herself and yells "POLD FRICKELY".

No idea where this came from...but it cracks us up every time.

It is a pold frickely night out tonight, for sure.

Good sleeping weather.

Heading up now and hoping for a good long stretch of sleep out of Alice. She usually makes her moaning, groaning, er, er, er, I am getting hungry, mommy sounds around 2:30ish or 3am.

Had a nice longish run today in the neighborhood. About 50 minutes of hills. Felt really post partum run yet. FINALLY feel a semblance of fitness returning. Although, not sure I am up for the planned/hoped for ATL half on Thanksgiving. Haven't had (or I guess made) the time for the long runs of 9-11 miles that I need to make that race not really, really painful. I am sure I could tough it out, but I think I'd much rather do a 5k that day and be home early and not trashed.

I have yet to figure out a set routine for getting daily workouts in. Our newly installed (as of today) treadmill should make that easier. Biking and running IN THE HOUSE leaves no excuse....just gotta find a way (and desire) to get my butt back in the pool.

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mimi said...

I was positive that frickely had two k's in it... go figure. Dopey Mimi. Love that picture. Essence of Ella.