Monday, November 17, 2008

Loving it.

Happy birthday to me.

Yeah, my birthday was over a month ago, but I got to use my gift from Mike today for the first time. And, I have to say, it was awesome.

Why so awesome, you ask?

1. Germs. All the germs on my treadmill are cooties indigenous to me (and Mike). No wondering which side of the towel was touching the treadmill and DO NOT TOUCH FACE WITH MSRA/STAPH/STREP/STOMACH FLU/ETC. ETC. INFECTED TOWEL freakouts while running 9.5 mph intervals.

2. The new Sole treadmill has speakers. So cool. I just plugged the iphone in and sung along, out loud, during my run. Alice didn't seem to mind. Can't do that at the gym or risk looking like an even bigger weirdo.

3. Speaking of Alice, this is the best part of the new treadmill. She can just sit in her favorite aquarium chair, watch the bubbles and be watched by her mommy. No gym germs (I sound a bit germ crazy in this really not, but seem to trend that way during the cold months with an infant. :), she cries --I can soothe her, she loses her paci, I can put it back in. I love that. Makes the run much more enjoyable that I am not worrying about her at the gym kids klub.

4. No waiting for a free treadmill! Enough said.

Dropped E off at school this morning, came home, fed Alice, knocked out my new favorite interval workout on my new treadmill (2mile WU - 2x2min/3min/4min @ 8.5-9.0). Got about 5.75 miles in all in the comfort of my own home. Love it.

Now just gotta reacquaint myself with my alarm clock and knock some of these run out before the little ones are up.

Thanks again, Mike!


The Chapples said...

Can your hubby give my hubby a hint that I'd love a treadmill? My hint-dropping hasn't been working...Nice workout!

Mama Simmons said...

Wow! That sounds like the way to do it!! And a heck of a lot easier than bundling up the kids to run outside in the cold with the jogger... :)

Kate Parker said...

not that you would know, miss hawaii!