Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 months old

Yep. My little, tiny, 3 week early baby is 4 months old now. It, honestly, has flown by.

That little, tiny baby is no longer tiny or little. She's a bigun :) A 90% for weight bigun'.

Alice had her 4 month appointment yesterday. She's fine and healthy...always a relief to hear.

24 inches long (50% percentile) 15 lbs 5oz (75-90%!).

Alice weighs more than Ella did when she was 6 months old. We got a lot of "healthy eater, huh?" and "check out those cheeks" at her appointment. And just like Alicia, we had to dig into the 6-9 and 6-12 month old clothes bins today to replenish her dresser.

Here is Miss Spiderman-goggles-and-swimmy-diaper (can you tell in addition to changing out Alice's clothes I am also packing for our trip to Naples, Fl on Friday?) doing her best to wake Alice who is sleeping, out of frame, to her right. She eventually did.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

We are having a small one here with just me, the girls, Mike and my mom. We'll catch up with the rest of my family down in Naples on Friday...can't wait (although I CAN wait to get on the damn plane. Ugh. How I ever hate to fly. Seriously, the high point of Alice's appointment was the ped telling me it is, in fact, okay to take a valium while breastfeeding. Thanks, doc. I am sure that you get asked that question a lot, right? right??)

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The Chapples said...

I have a giant baby too - he's already 24 inches long at 5 weeks old. This kid is going to eat us out of house and home one day.

I can't believe Alice is 4 months old! She's a beauty!

Have a great trip.