Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 weeks to Tugaloo

Tugaloo is two weeks from Saturday. Only my second ever Olympic Distance tri. Not quite sure how to pace it. Any and all suggestions are welcome! It's way too long to go all out...but I know I need to definitely go harder than a half. Just don't want to start dry heaving on mile .5 of the run. Been training for this one since CDA, but not feeling too fit right now. Swimming, as of late, has been pretty nonexistent. Sore rotator cuff. Need to give it some rest, I think. Biking and running are both ehh...guess we'll see on the 15th.

Had a great early (5:45) run with Michelle and Jill this am. Michelle is training her a$$ off for IMFL and Jill is starting to train for the ATL Thanksgiving Marathon. Go girls. Nice to run/chat and catch up.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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